Kyoto Guest House Lantern

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check in 15:00-22:00 check out -10:00am
※Late checking fee (\200 per an hour)is charged from 23:00
If you coming late,let us know beforehand. If you needed,
we can store your belonging before you check in and after you check out.
We have cleaning time during day time.
We provide reasonable stay.Please help yourself.
For all the guests can be relax,We usually turn off the light
at 23:00-6:00am Save electricity and water
Keep manners and be kind to the others...
Keep manners and be kind to the others...
All our facilities are shared basis.The guesthouse lantern
is visited by people from all over the world.Keep clean,
good manners and respect to the other guests and the neighbor.

policy while staying in the hostel

the payment
The guests will be charged for their entire stay in advance.
We accept cash only for guests and long stay guests are
required reservation beforehand.
group guest and long stay guests are required payment into the
guesthouse bank account.
contact us by Email or phone call
If there is availability,you can stay without reservation.
A copy of photo ID or credit card number is required when you reserved.
Smoking is strictly prohibited.There is smoking area at the entrance.
To keep reasonable stay,please make mutual efforts to save urillities.
Property left at the hostel will be kept for 3manths and disoised after that.
Contact us asap.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation within
8days prior to booking will be refunded for 100%
7-3days before booking will be refunded for 80%
3-1days before booking will be refunded for 50%
Cancellations after that period will not be refunded.
If you change your mind and leave earlier,we will not refund your money back.

If you do not check in,the guest will be charged a night fee as canclation fee.
and we will cancel all of your reservations.

If you would like to cancel during you stay,please let us know at least 2days before.
If you do,we will refund your money back.