Kyoto Guest House Lantern

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Are the are bathrooms?
A.We have shower rooms and bathrooms.
The public spa is in our neighborhood.
Q.What kind of amenities do you have?
A.We have body soap and shampoo for free in each bathrooms.
But towels are not included.We sell rental towels for 100yen at the reception.
Q.What do you have in the kitchen?
A.We have various kinds items.
Cooking stove,refrigerator,microwave oven,rice cooker,,pans,pots,knifes,dishes,glasses.
Several seasonings are also provided.
Q.Are there amenities such as towels?
A.We don't have amenities in the room like hotel.
But we sell rental items at the reception.
Q.Can I access to the Internet with my laptop?
Yes,you can access to the internet with our free WIFI service.
We will tell you the password at the reception.
Q.Do you have the safety box?
A.There is the key for individual rooms.but not for dorms.
please take care of your valuables and kind.
The security box is also in service at the reception.
We can keep large bags in the luggage room.
Q.Do you have parking lot?
A.We don't have parking lot.
There are some pay parking in neighbors.
We have some spaces for motercycle and bike.please let us know beforehand.

About rules and services

Q.Are sheets and blankets provided?
A.Yes,you will get fresh sheets and blanckets.
We prepare your bed(Fton mat less)
Q.Do you have cirfew?
A.We don't have any curfew.
But please inform beforehand4if you coming late at night.after24:00
Q.Do you have lights out at the dorms?
A.We don't have light out.
but,please turn off the light after 22:00 if others in the bed.
Please Respecting and Thinking of the others.
Q.Do you have cancellation policy?
A.Yes,we do.
Please check out here.
Cancellation policy

About the payment

Q.What kind of payment do you accept?
A.We accept only cash.
We would like to pay once you check-in.
Q.Are the tax and service fee included?
A.Yes,it is included.